How to promote my social project?


I have created a social media website - it's a place for men who have questions about relationships. The main goal is to make users proud of their own achievements. For example, your son has graduated university and you would like to be proud of it.

The main problem: when people come to my website, they think: "another website for losers" and go away. How can I change their mind? How to explain the mission of the site?

I work on the project with my older brother, so we don't have enough money to promote it via Google or Facebook or other systems.

Social Network Promotion

asked Sep 12 '12 at 20:23
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If most people are leaving then the chances are that they are outside of your core niche.

Try this:

Take a sheet of paper (old school I know) and write down a name, let's assume you call this person George Jones.

How old is Mr Jones? I'd say he has to be at least 35 to 45 if he has a son at Uni so lets be geeky and say George is 42.

42 Year old George is interested in...?

Is Mr Jones married or divorced?

What are his three biggest questions he needs answers to?

What sort of website would he feel most comfortable using?

What is George doing at the moment?

How can we get George Jones to want to tell his friends?

Once you have gotten to know Mr G. Jones by inventing likely sounding details you have a profile of what an average site user might be like.

Write everything you do, design everything you do for George. Your mind will be focused on your core demographic as typified by Mr Jones and you will see greater success.

answered Mar 30 '13 at 21:32
Matthew Brown
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