Sales and Marketing Co-founder-Ivy League MBA or Industry Expert?


I am working on a software product, which is going to revolutionize a specific industry. I checked with couple of top guys in this industry and they are all impressed. It is a billion dollar problem. Now, I am moving on to get a co-founder and wondering whether to go with Ivy League MBA grad or someone well networked in the Industry. So the qualities or criteria I am looking into:

  1. Ivy League MBA
  2. Well networked in the Industry (Offline): Well connected with decision makers in this industry, can call them without intermediaries
  3. Well networked (Online): Well connected with VCs, Social Media etc
  4. Sales and Marketing Background
  5. Personable

I myself well networked with Ivy league MBAs as well as top guys in Industry.

Any suggestions how to filter them is highly appreciated.

Marketing Sales Co-Founder Partner Partnerships

asked May 25 '11 at 01:33
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Get the person that you can feel in your heart of hearts you can trust to completely run their part of the show. Credentials help with strangers but connections are even better. If I was going to order your list, I would make it:

  1. (3) Well networked in the industry
  2. (4) Sales and marketing background
  3. (5) Personable
  4. (1) Ivy League MBA
  5. (2) Well networked online
answered May 25 '11 at 04:30
Kenneth Vogt
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The connections to the industry both from a marketing, sales and speed to market perspective will be invaluable.

answered May 25 '11 at 03:58
Joseph Barisonzi
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Marketing Sales Co-Founder Partner Partnerships