Software E-Commerce/E-Business Foreign Entity LLC and License and Tax requirements


I am wanting to startup a software, app, games business conducted through the internet.
I am in Missouri, the state where I plan to do work from.
I did research and found that Delaware or Nevada would be the ideal place to register a LLC. I know I need a registered agent in the foreign state.

Questions I have:

  • What license requirements do I need and for which state? If I need a business license do I need it for the state where the LLC is formed or do I need it in my home state or both?
  • For which state do I file tax for? Would it be for my home state, the state where the LLC is formed, or both?
  • If I open a business bank account, do I do it in Missouri or Delaware/Nevada?
  • For the office, should I just list my home as the office?

I do not plan to go to Delaware.

Ecommerce LLC Foreign Tax Entity

asked Apr 14 '12 at 21:33
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  1. Especially for single-member LLCs, the best state to organize is usually the state you're in. But, be warned -- there are some states where that's not true (New York, for example, is just plain horrible, partially because they require LLCs to take out ads in newspapers to advertise the LLC's creation!).
  2. Business licenses are generally given by municipalities, not states. Your city or town may require you to get one, depending on what operations you're conducting. You will likely need a certificate of authority in Missouri if you use a Delaware or Nevada LLC.
  3. You would have to pay income taxes in the state where your business is conducted. In addition, you may have to pay franchise (or other) taxes in the state where you're formed.
  4. Your business bank account should be where your main office is.
  5. Many people list their home as the principal office until they actually get an office.
answered Apr 15 '12 at 11:44
Chris Fulmer
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  • Well put, the Nevada/Delaware notions are (in my experience) overrated when it comes to true benefit. Though typically (especially with the money laundering concerns), banks require you use the address your business is registered when you sign up for an account, which makes it rather painful if you've registered out of state. – Madd Hacker 12 years ago

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