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I am not sure how to structure website for our SaaS product. Basically we want to tell 3 things: what is product about (it's relatively new and to our potential customers (small businesses) yet unknown service), benefits of using our product and implementation process. Main question here is what information to put on index page? Should we primarily focus on benefits and then demonstrate what is service about at all? Feedback regarding website alone that we have received so far, is mostly telling that people don't have a clue what this service is about. On the other hand we are doing great when personally presenting our service in field.

My intention is not to advertise, so I'm not pasting a link to our current website, but can be found in my profile details.

Website Saas

asked Mar 6 '13 at 23:39
Matej Zlodej
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There are more opinions on how to design a website than grains of sand on the beach.

What you should be looking at are sites that best discuss conversion strategies and techniques vs. the latest CSS / HTML5 styles. A good example of such a site would be unbounce, which offers good actionable advice on home page approaches like "four ways to stop your landing page from being a giant fail ", "landing page critiques " and "landing page rehab ".

Follow this with testing - either with a/b or usability testing ( or the like) - to validate that you got it right.

If this seems too hard, find a conversion specialist firm / person who can do this for you.

In addition - spelling errors on the homepage is a killer. Fix that first.

answered Mar 7 '13 at 03:32
Jim Galley
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In my opinion it would be better if the How it Works page was moved to the landing page, with the explanation coming before you ask people to try out your app.

I would structure the landing page this way -

  • Heading and video
  • What is it?
  • How it works? - generic, so that both consumers and businesses can see how it benefits them
  • Try us out - links for both businesses and consumers
  • Other information

Having said that, for someone like me the current version isn't bad. If I'm on your site, then I would try and figure out what it is about, as long as it isn't really hard to do so - and it is pretty easy on your site, but some people might not want to click on another link to find more about your site, and one needs to visit the How it works? page to really understand(or watch the video, I guess, which I almost never do, so having the video and text on the same page is a good idea).

answered Mar 7 '13 at 00:42
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IMHO it's always good to let your prospective customers know that you provide a real SAAS solution so talk about your platform , API , delivery system . Tailor the content towards your customer profile . One of the best SAAS websites I have seen is Twilio the are truly SAAS model .

answered Mar 8 '13 at 23:03
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