Should I suspend my startup?


I was working for a large financial firms as Senior Technical Architect, spending almost 15 hours a day. I quit my job around 18 months back to start this startup and taking an underpaid/under skilled side job close to my home.

Currently I am having various issues at my job so I decided to look for new job. But I am having difficulty time to find new consulting gigs due to my rusty technical skills (Web 2.0 technical skills vs Enterprise technical skills). Should I suspend my start up work and instead focus on improving my enterprise technical skills to find a new job?

Any other suggestions?

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asked Jul 7 '11 at 18:17
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  • This really isn't a startup question... Anything this audience can say is purely subjective and hardly relevant to anyone else. – Tim J 13 years ago
  • I am usually far more forgiving than Tim -- but, IF there was a board called "Career Advice" I would reccommend migrating it there. It is not a start-up business question. – Joseph Barisonzi 13 years ago

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I have had a similar situation.

I was a senior technical architect and had a lack in web 2. I quitted my job because it bored me to death and started a start up. With my knowledge on Java/HTML i was easily able to learn all the necessary Javascript in no time. So I don't consider the little JavaScript crucial if you can take the time of 2 weeks to learn it. It will not be the best javascript ever, but will help you to start up.

On a day job you will always learn what your boss needs. It is not necessary what you'll need for your start up.

My suggestion is, if you can efford to live without an income for several months, and have a good background on technologies used by the web (just without javscript), you could make the move.

If you are exhausted, have programmed Cobol before or something like that, get a new job, relax, learn, enjoy. You have always the time to quit again and make your start up become truth.

At the moment, I am feeling really well with my no-income-startup. I have learned tons of new stuff and it is really exhausting. But I like it. I am much more happy than in my old boring job (where I did not programm for over 1,5 years)


answered Jul 7 '11 at 22:50
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  • great, exactly similar situation. Yes, same java background without javascript and no programming from the past 3 years. – User11074 13 years ago

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