Topic suggestions for software developer's conference?


I help book topic sessions for the annual Software Industry Conference which will be held this year in Dallas, TX. The conference targets both beginner and experienced Micro ISVs, and internet marketers. I’m looking for suggestions for new topics that a software developer conference should cover.

Here are the topics covered last year (2009) at the conference.

If you have a great idea and are interested in speaking at the conference use the link below to build and submit an abstract on the topic you want to speak about. Feel free to pass the PDF on to anyone you think might be interested in speaking at the conference.

Call for papers for SIC 2010

Marketing Software Website Conferences

asked Feb 22 '10 at 12:46
Gary E
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I can't yet commit to being at SIC but I think there's a few topics that need presentations by someone:

  • From Desktop to Cloud: What a longtime microISV needs to know about the changing world of cloud-based apps.
  • Selling more than your application. How to monetize your expertise outside of your product for fun and profit.
answered Feb 22 '10 at 13:34
Bob Walsh
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  • We did have a session on monetizing your experience a few years ago. Did you do that one? Hope to see you and Tina at this years SIC! Mary will be there. – Gary E 14 years ago


How about a session on taxes? I wonder if everyone knows about the R&D credit. (I didn't until 6 years after starting our company). Also, could touch on options vs. restricted stock grants, 83b elections, etc.

answered Feb 23 '10 at 09:40
Michael Pryor
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  • We have had sessions of taxes presented by attorneys in the past. They weren't well attended, but maybe they were just boring speakers. I always thought that if your accountant didn't mention major tax breaks to you, you needed a new accountant. – Gary E 14 years ago

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