Affordable email marketing for Prelaunch Page


I'm making a prelaunch page for my start-up.
I have my page designed, but now I need an affordable or maybe even free way to email all the subscribers who input their email to receive updates.

What would you recommend?

Product Launch Email Marketing Landing Page

asked Jan 29 '12 at 21:42
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answered Jan 29 '12 at 22:50
Sagar Singh
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You can build a start-up launch page quickly with:

Launch Rock

answered Jan 30 '12 at 03:22
Ryan Doom
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  • +1 for this, launchrock is a great way to get set up really quickly with a clean interface/ – Chris Dowdeswell 12 years ago


I use a combination of Unbounce (to host my launch page) and MailChimp (to handle emails). Unbounce has a page builder that is really easy to use - you can have a page setup and accepting email addresses in 10 minutes. I integrate Unbounce with MailChimp, so when someone enters their email address it automatically gets sent to MailChimp. MailChimp is great for sending emails to lists of people. They also handle setting things up correctly so your emails arrive in your subscriber's inbox instead of their spam folders.

Both services have a free tier which should work for the early stages of your venture.

answered Apr 7 '12 at 23:41
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Unbounce ( does landing pages and also adds A/B split testing. It says it integrates with MailChimp and Hubspot.

Instapage ( does landing pages and claims their automatic optimization technology is better than A/B split testing.

answered Feb 10 '12 at 02:17
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OpenEMM is an open source tool for sending bulk e-mail. We've only started to get it set up, but it looks to be a very powerful tool.

answered Feb 18 '12 at 00:50
Jim Blizard
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If you want to send one email in isolation there are loads of tools available, some mentioned above. However, if you want to sedn emails in a structured way, the start of a communications journey then consder the bigger picture.

As well as regular series of emails things could be triggered, for instance if somebody asks for a trial or demo.

So having more logic and functions could be relevant. Also if somebody repsonds to an email, via a landing page they are a "lead"?? So where do you put the lead? When the lead becomes a customer what do you do?

Tools like allow you to send emails but as part of the bigger picture of demand and lead generation and building relationships and ultimately customers.
I work for LAMP whcih provides functionality of CRM, EMail marketing, social puboishing , content management, landing pages at a value price that a start up can afford and can we are a start-up ourselves I thought I would post on here. There is a free version to do the basics and then you can upgrade to do more....

answered Nov 30 '13 at 03:16
Julian Poulter
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When I needed a system to alert users of the opening of the site and then send them newsletters, the best free solution I found was It was simple, powerful, featurefull and I could have up to 500 subscribers.

answered Nov 30 '13 at 03:41
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