Best city in the US which has a startup scene AND a low cost of living?


San Francisco and New York are notorious for their high cost of living. While the startup scene on those two cities is great, the downside is even a $100K+ salary means a mediocre living standards.

What are some other cities here in the US where there is a decent startup scene and cost effective to live in.

In the suburbs one can live far better on a $50K salary but then it's hard to find talent, or convince talented people to move there to work with you on your startup.

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asked Jun 14 '15 at 17:40
Sara Shepard
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2 Answers


Provo, Utah, or anywhere in Utah. Provo (or it's northern surrounding metro) is more of the "startup/tech" scene, though.

answered Jun 15 '15 at 11:20
Damon @
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  • I can vouch for Utah as well. The Silicon Slopes, as it's called. The cost of living is rather cheap, definitely compared to Silicon Valley (The Orem/Provo area is a bit pricier, but nothing crazy) and there's quite a bit going on in tech and startups. – rbwhitaker 5 years ago


Maybe look at some of the hipster havens like Portland, Oregon. These kind of places normally have more entrepeneurs per capita, and also is easier to recruit to than Nowhere, Alaska. And even though prices are rising, it's no where near NYC etc.

Disclaimer: I'm not from the US myself.

answered Jun 15 '15 at 03:07
Greif Villum Klausen
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Location Silicon Valley San Francisco New York Startups