What is the best strategy/events to launch a startup?


We are having a startup in social and location based networking space.

We are currently in private beta.

What will be the best strategy or events to launch the product?


Marketing Launch Location Social Network Beta

asked Aug 1 '11 at 04:47
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I would start off with the Alumni networks of all the schools you and your team have ever attended, then fan pages on Facebook, Linkedin posts and Google plus posts. If you run a blog then start blogging about the launch (documenting the launch process for history is one idea), the business and your team.

It would also help if you could do a time bound first 100 user attractive offer that creates an incentive to try and like the product.

Your launch event guide must focus on trial, subscription and sales. Don't blow money on just announcing that you have arrived.

answered Aug 1 '11 at 10:46
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Marketing Launch Location Social Network Beta