Better to open a company in my own country or in USA?


Recently I have been thinking about opening a new company, specifically, a pizzeria. I'm from Brazil and here I already have a restaurant on São Paulo - SP, state of Brazil. Initially my objective was to open the company in another state of my own country, but one friend of mine, who is Brazilian and lives in United States since 90s told me that I should bet on USA. I'm very aware about the international bureaucracy involved on a process like this, but this is not a problem. My problem is about the profitability, id est, for the same type of company and same amount of money (R$400.000,00 <=> ~U$186,593.2), should I choose Brazil or United States?

In a nutshell, in fact, the infrastructure and ease to get investments on USA is much better than in Brazil, things that, long-term, can sum up to increase the profitability of a company established on USA's territory instead of Brazil's. But I don't know much yet and I won't do anything before a large research on this area. That's why I would like to hear what you all have to say and advise about it.


Getting Started Company Business International Investment

asked Jun 3 '13 at 06:45
Carlos Xavier
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  • Are you talking about a restaurant? – Littleadv 11 years ago

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Getting Started Company Business International Investment