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We have formed our company (that is, incorporation is in progress) this November (2012).

Our company focuses on IT service management (ITSM) solutions and have very skilled professionals in the ITSM tools like the BMC Remedy ARS/ITSM suite and provide process consultancy (ITIL v3/ITSM) and end-to-end implemetation of the processes

The things we are trying to do to get the projects are: 1. Bid for projects online in Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, etc. 2. Through a professional network (LinkedIn) we are trying to get some projects 3. Through our known person who work for our potential clients.

The struggles we are facing in the above options: For option 1: In such online employment platforms we can see many projects for web technologies, but not able to get any projects related to ITService Management. Please let us know, any other online platforms for such projects?

For option 2: Using the professional networking site we are contacting the firms/industries which might need ITSM implementation, but the problem here is contacting the right person in the firm.

Please let us know which person/position (like Global IT Head of the firm, etc.) we need to contact.

Pardon me as I don't have enough knowledge on the company structure :)

For option 3: We don't see any problem as we are able to reach the clients, but because of a funding issue the project supposed to come has been postponed and we are having only one or two leads which we have already done with. :(

Other options: We are also thinking of contacting other big service providers which are lacking in ITSM expertise to work as sub-contractors and provide solutions. Are there any other options we need to try it out apart from the mentioned?

Software Development Outsourcing Consulting Leads

asked Nov 21 '12 at 00:19
Rajagopal S
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Get a sales person, who knows the market, comes with a contacts database, and picks up the phone/pounds the pavement.

Make sure he/she can take a pre-sales expert along, and make sure his/her pitch is well honed.

Cold calling + face-to-face pre-sales meetings activity is the best way. Electronic only is going to be hard.

answered Dec 10 '12 at 09:04
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  • Depending on the size of the client, you are looking for Head of IT, Head of Production, Head of Support. – Brad 11 years ago

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Software Development Outsourcing Consulting Leads