How to register LLC in USA or LTD in UK and bank account, for foreigner?


I am from Serbia, Europe (Not Europe Union country). I develop Android apps and would like to sell them on Android market. I can not register for Google merchant account from Serbia so I need business entity from some of the enabled countries. I searched on Google and as I can see easiest company formation is in England or USA. And there are online services that would register a company for you for a few hundred dollars. The problem I have is that I can not find info how can I open bank account associated with that company, on which I would receive payments. I would use that company/bank account only for mobile app sales, and would not have any employees, I just need proper business entity in country in which Google sends payments. How easy, and what are troubles of registering LLC or LTD online and how can I open bank account for that company that can accept that kind of payments, nothing exotic? Please answer only if you have solid info on how to do this (register LLC or LTD and corresponding bank account). I would really prefer if I could do all that online, because I need visa for UK and USA to even come for a few days. And, if you know some other country where it could be done easier (Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, France...) please say.

LLC Company Bank Bank Account Delaware

asked Nov 8 '11 at 01:08
Saša Šijak
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To open your bank account: Try Citibank's International Personal Banking at 1-813-604-3000. You might need to fax/scan/mail the required documents. It's not easy since 9-11 but it's possible since the US does have a pro-business framework.

To incorporate: I would incorporate in Delaware as an LLC. Delaware don't have any minimum taxes (unlike California's anti-business $800 minimum) and has a robust business legal framework. Since you are physically not present in the US, you will legally need an "agent" in the state of incorporation. This agent will be your point of contact to which all mail/correspondences will be sent to. It is their job to forward everything to you. They usually charge a fee like $200/year but that's for domestic stuff (eg. Agent in Delaware and company in California). It may be higher for you internationally. Entity wise, you are ineligible for S-Corp status but an LLC would fit the bill.

Taxation: You will likely have to pay taxes on your US profits, but I would defer this to an accountant. Once you have setup the Bank account, you should contact their small business group for a list of accountants. Banks usually have a contact list of supporting resources that small businesses need (like accountants, lawyers etc). These are usually more trustworthy than just google searches since they are referred by actual 3rd parties.

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I can answer half of your question, quite easily:

To register a limited company in England you go to Companies House. Their web site explains all the options, including how to do it online.

answered Nov 11 '11 at 01:04
Philip Jones
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1 Plz go thru above link Girish does a fantastic job of explaining all steps involved in starting a business in US without going to US

answered Nov 14 '11 at 01:34
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  • thanks, ill try with that bank – Saša Šijak 12 years ago



+ Closer to Europe.

+ Buckingham Palace.

+ Less nonsense, people just get things done.

- Expensive.


+ There's an API to do almost anything.

+ Deleware as mentioned.

+ Full of workaholics.

+ Cheaper than London.

- Litigious.

- Not London.

Check the Nolo books to find out what the laws are, and talk to tax and legal professionals in both countries to avoid complications. is also a good resource.

Also worth mentioning that one of my friends is an Android dev whom comes over to the US for a few months and then surfs the remainder of time around S. E. Asia.

answered Nov 15 '11 at 07:22
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  • Is a UK ltd expensive? I live in EU and it is my favorite. – User239558 12 years ago

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LLC Company Bank Bank Account Delaware