Registering a company in India with multiple activities


I am from Chennai, India. I'm planning to start a few different websites in sectors like recruitment, social networking, health care, IT solutions, matrimony, real estate, promotion of products, education and related services.
I am planning to use a single company name.

What is the procedure to register a company like this one, if I am willing to run a sole-proprietorship or a partnership?

Kindly give your valuable thoughts for both options.

India Company Partnerships Sole Proprietorship

asked Feb 8 '12 at 07:01
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  • A company can't be both a sole-proprietorship and a partnership. Can you clarify what you mean by that statement? Are you by yourself, or do you have partners? – Zuly Gonzalez 12 years ago

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Yes you can register either a sole-proprietorship or LLP or Private Limited and still have number of websites run by this company. Proceeding of which sort of company is totally your choice and depends on your long term plan. Go for Private Limited company if you are into this for long term, however your expenses for registering and other legal aspects gets bloated.

To register a company you have to arrange the services of a Chartered Accountant. Without that it is not possible to register a company.


answered Feb 8 '12 at 14:05
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  • May I know where to register. I am bit confused some says like STPC, SSI and just register as company in local – Radha 12 years ago
  • For official information visit In order to start the procedure of registering a company you need to find out local Chartered Accountant based out of Chennai. I am based out of Bangalore otherwise I would have recommended my CA. – Pradeep 12 years ago

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India Company Partnerships Sole Proprietorship