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Does anyone know of or have contacts for any companies that have products centered around Google’s APIs? We’re looking to potentially partner with a company on a product for Google+ and specifically on its “Circles”.

I’ve been reading a lot about people’s love of the Google+ Circles and have an existing product that would take them to the next level through the API (when released). I have read several comments on the net describing what users want Google to do to make them even better. What they are describing is our exact product. In fact, if Google implements these ideas they will be potentially violating our patent.

I’m open to suggestions and thanks for the help!

Strategy Google Intellectual Property Partnerships

asked Jul 14 '11 at 02:37
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  • You're asking for a list of companies that are already working with an API that hasn't been released (and more than likely doesn't even exist yet)? Would it make sense if I asked you for a list of good mechanics that have experience working on hovercraft? – B Mitch 13 years ago
  • Sorry maybe I should have been clearer. I’m looking for companies with existing Google API experience that may want to take advantage of the new API (coming soon). Business strategy and planning often proceeds actual implementation. Thanks – User347312 13 years ago
  • That makes a bit more sense. Glad I held off on the down vote. – B Mitch 13 years ago

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Any decent developer should be able to work with APIs, most of the google ones are pretty easy to pick up and run with. I don't think that is really your key concern when looking for a development partner.

Could I suggest instead you focus your search on development companies or individual developers who have had experience in things like:

  • Developing web applications at scale. Any half decent developer can throw something together which will work ... someone who can design the system to give it its best chance at scaling is something else entirely.
  • Your particular market vertical. There is specific domain knowledge that a newbie will need to learn, in a year or two. If the developer already understands the nuances of the segment then you will be much further ahead. (the API will take a week or 2 at worst to come to grips with)
  • Working with entrepreneurs to grow businesses. The majority of developers haven't had this experience, they work for large companies who have a lot of infrastructure around then and assume that most things are taken care of by someone else.
  • Social application development. There are a range of things you should and shouldn't do, techniques for engaging users and making social centric applications that don't apply to normal line of business applications ...
  • Working with early adopters to drive support and grow "evangelism". Most developers are more interested in the conversation between themselves and the computer langauge NOT with the people who are trying to use the application. Finding a developer who can have a foot in both camps and translate between these two worlds is critical as it impacts the 1000s of "micro decisions" they make while developing.

There is a huge range of skills and experience required, focusing on "can they deal with the API" is not what you should be focusing on in my humble opinion (well maybe slightly biased opinion).

When it comes to your patent, you can defend it (if you have deep enough pockets to fight google) or develop something that is interesting to google to buy it. I would suggest doing the latter, if a VC or someone picks you up then the patent will be a good starting point and most will look on it favourably as they have the pockets to defend it.

answered Jul 14 '11 at 11:52
Robin Vessey
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  • Thanks Robin, great input! – User347312 13 years ago
  • Did I convince you to change your search criteria? – Robin Vessey 13 years ago
  • Probably not as your last paragraph in more applicable in my case. But you thesis is quite valid. Thanks again! – User347312 13 years ago

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