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Setting up a company or sole tradership in Australia while living abroad

I live in Indonesia where it is very difficult as a foreigner to establish a business. I want to formalise my online hobby into a business. I am an Australian so I am looking at establishing either...

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Does the Delaware LLC need a resale license to sell online to customers in other states of America?

Hello, Need an advice. We are foreigners who have registered an LLC company in Delaware and we do have EIN. We are planning to do an e-commerce business in USA (online shop) with the help of...

asked Mar 12 '15 at 09:23
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Should I form an LLC, get a copyright, or S corp for an online educational platform?

I'm sure if I should do an LLC, S.Corp or whatnot for my online educational business. Also, I have a name, but what would I legalize it as? This has had me stumped and I want to share the idea,...