What's the best way that my SaaS site can benefit from my related content site?


I will open up shop selling an idea management SaaS product on my website (lets call it BigIdea.com) in August. In order to build links, get some traffic and make a site that I think will be useful for Startups to learn from others’ mistakes I plan to make a site analyzing abandoned/failed ideas (let's call it BadIdea.com).

What’s the best way for Bigidea.com to benefit from the traffic/backlinks coming from BadIdea.com ? Should I have BadIdea.com redirect to BigIdea.com/badidea or just leave it as a separate site with links to BigIdea.com ? That's what the guy who runs www.appvita.com does and he gets about one third of his traffic to his www.dotvita.com web design site from Appvita.

I guess www.startups.com and www.killerstartups.com is another example of a content site helping out a revenue making site.

All thoughts are welcome, Duncan

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asked Aug 2 '11 at 21:49
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In terms of SEO, if BadIdea receives a lot of good links, it would be able to transmit some link juice to GoodIdea if you link it. The best way to do this is to have at least a link to GoodIdea on each page of BadIdea, to have few other outgoing links and use rel="nofollow" in those few other outgoing links.

answered Aug 3 '11 at 04:43
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Monetization Traffic Website SEO Content