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I am starting a media company that I'd like to set up similar to what larger media/entertainment companies do. Within this company, I will be producing a variety of entertaining ventures; music videos, a music recording studio, a video recording studio, an indie record label, a news/informational/educational show for the web/TV, documentaries for the web/TV, live stage productions for web/TV, and short comic skits and sitcoms for web/TV.

Each of these ventures will have it's own name. I am also creating an internet channel where each of the videos can be viewed on demand, but from that one channel, as in a TV or cable channel with the same variety of shows everyday.

My question is, Can I form one parent company as an S-Corp and then just register (trade or service mark) everything else as a subsidiary of the parent company. Or do I have to incorporate or LLC everything else? My goal is to have a parent company and have everything else as subsidiaries, unless there is a better solution financially.

LLC Subsidiary S Corp

asked Sep 10 '13 at 09:31
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  • When I read the first phrase of your post ("I am starting a media company that I'd like to set up **similar to what larger media/entertainment companies do.**") I wonder if you are sure about the path you want to take. Usually, if you want to survive and make money, entrepreneurs try to "**set up SOMETHING DIFFERENT to what larger media/entertainment companies do.**" - sorry for the Off-topic but it seemed important to me to emphasize this... – Data Smarter 5 years ago
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To keep things simple I suggest setting up a parent company (S-Corp or LLC) with branded divisions. Then trademark the brands you use for the divisions.

With that said, I highly recommend you first talk to a lawyer about this. $150 or so per hour, to discuss these plans with a good business attorney, for an hour or two, will give you the confidence to know you made the right decisions.

Good luck

answered Sep 14 '13 at 02:22
Dave Feyereisen
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