LLB admission Eligibility and Process ?

LLB course is generally divided into six semesters. During the 3 year course, students get the LLB (General) after successful completion of 4 semesters. On the other hand, LLB degree is given to candidates only after completing 6 semesters. The basic course structure in most of the Indian Universities comprises Successful completion of graduation in any discipline. Minimum 45% marks in graduation are required for general category and 40% for reserved categories. There is also a criterion for minimum marks required for graduation which may vary from institute to institute. There is no age limit for taking admission in this course. LLB Admission is done either on the basis of marks obtained by candidates in qualifying degree or through a relevant entrance test. Students who are in final year of their graduation can also apply for entrance tests conducted for LLB admissions. There are various entrance tests conducted for LLB admission in India. On the other hand, candidates also get direct admission into the same.

Llb Admission Llb Course

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Llb Admission Llb Course