How to monetize a web directory?


Currently using Adsense on my popular online directory that I started several years ago. What other ways can I increase my revenue?

Here is what I'm currently using:

  • AdSense: about $1300 per month
  • Paid submissions: just 1-2 submissions a month at $20 each

Monetization Revenue Adsense

asked Feb 22 '14 at 19:02
Chester Oconnell
25 points
  • If you've started a popular online directory several years ago, what else besides adsense and paid submissions have you tried? – Jim Galley 4 years ago
  • What's your traffic like? Monthly uniques, pageviews? – Jay Neely 4 years ago
  • @jimg These are the only two things. I tried getting direct sponsors but this type of site is hard to get people to sponsor. – Chester Oconnell 4 years ago
  • @JayNeely The average is about 97,000 uniques a month and pageviews are 432K per month. The bounce rate is very high because it is not a kind of site people engage with. My adsense placements are a little too aggressive so it's well optimized. – Chester Oconnell 4 years ago
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Monetization Revenue Adsense