Can I write a NDA as a person not just as a company?

I am the leader of a small team (15 members) developing a game, but because of financial problems I can not create a company. The game is very promising and has created a great hype among many gaming communities. But last week there was a leak from a team member (which I found out who did it). He send some private data/stats to an other 'rival' team. To stop that from happening again I tried to write a NDA. Took a sample online and filling it all with the requirements. I know this is the duty of a lawyer that I need to hire, but as I said, money hasn't been a good friend to spend lately. But in many pages I've seen that I need to have a registered business to write a legal NDA. for example "by and between My Name,Company Name(CN)". I wrote the Team name at Company name, and with its initials. but I want to know if its still legal to write it as such. PS: I am from Albania, so the american rules might not apply. even tho many of my team mates are from the states

Legal NDA Legal Documents

asked Jul 24 '17 at 14:55
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answered Sep 5 '17 at 22:47
Dan Moore
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Legal NDA Legal Documents